Photo exhibition-auction
The world through my eyes
Purpose of the Exhibition
Show through photographs the strengths and unique qualities of people with disabilities We want to destroy the stereotypes of society, and emphasize the beauty of the diversity of the world, which is an integral part of our common human experience.

We believe that such social projects are of great importance for supporting and strengthening the social aspect of the lives of people with disabilities, as well as for the successful development of relations between countries and helps strengthen international friendship.
Charity Auction
Along with the exhibition, a charity auction will be held, during which it will be possible to purchase any of the exhibited works. Proceeds from the sale will be sent to the author of the work.
Denis Davydov
Founder, Director of Social Projects
Author's essay by DENIS DAVYDOV
Если у тебя серьезное физическое или ментальное заболевание, очень важен инстинкт выживания и поставленная цель саморазвития.
From the list of scientists, I was immediately interested in doctors and psychologists. I have great respect for them. I am diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and followers of I.P. Pavlova helped me survive in this world from birth. The “physiology of a miracle” is that I can walk.

I received a higher education, I work and am involved in social activities. The personality of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936), a great scientist and thinker, physiologist, creator of the doctrine of higher nervous activity, seemed very close and understandable to me. His theses are guidelines for my life. Pavlov wrote: “If a person always has a goal that must be achieved, then he will not be disappointed in life.” I am not in danger of disappointment in life! We still have a lot to learn in order to be not only self-sufficient, but also useful to people.

Even after the School of Online Journalism in 2013, I tried my hand at photojournalism. Personal photo exhibition “Water and Life”. My achievements help inspire others like me to find their own path to self-realization. MOBO "Sail of Hope" has been implementing for many years its comprehensive program "Window to the World" for the socialization of people with disabilities (technical, social, psychological and pedagogical practices, art therapy and practical training in professional skills). The partner accompanying the program, the Union for the Development of Science Cities, shares with MOBO “Sail of Hope” modern psychological and pedagogical methods for working with people with disabilities in science cities and new technical developments of enterprises.

I, as a member of the Youth Information Agency MOBO "Sail of Hope", was invited to their program. Curators-mentors helped during excursions and workshops, explaining how to search for and process material for an article-script. These are the necessary skills to work in the field of online journalism.

If you have a serious physical or mental illness, the survival instinct and the goal of self-development are very important. Pavlov explained such aspirations as a “goal reflex.” The nomination for which he received the Nobel Prize is “Physiology of everyday life.” Quotes from Ivan Pavlov gave me guidance and confirmed that I was on the right path: “All life, all its improvements, all its culture becomes a reflex of a goal, is done only by people striving for one or another goal they have set for themselves in life.”

I realized that limited health opportunities are the “existence of obstacles”, and the mindset for the “goal reflex”, I think, is the main thing for me. “Let my goal reflex tense up in response to obstacles - and then I will achieve the goal, no matter how difficult it may be to achieve” (Ivan Pavlov). “If there are no obstacles, then a person is not irritated enough and does not receive impetus to work. And this is proof of instinct. The more obstacles, the more instinct acts” (Ivan Pavlov).

I learned how to earn a living, I have a permanent home job from the bank. Now I plan to start making a career as a blogger with the support of my friends, media volunteers of the SNR. The first step was to learn how to search for materials and write text scripts for a useful video. I want a graphic popular science video to be made about the great scientist and man Ivan Pavlov. Using the capabilities of the Internet, I can address the words of the great scientist to my healthy contemporaries who suffer from infantilism, addictions and a consumerist attitude to life.
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